Sa Sros Chair

Furniture design
Project brief
Sa Sros chair is a lightweight, low-cost mass production chair made of recycled polypropylene. Used in both indoor and outdoor, it is designed for a leisure lifestyle. The furniture piece is carrying the local culture and habits that in the sunset moment, people will sitting by the street, chatting and do nothing.

Viola Huang - industrial designer

My contribution
Design research

Inspired by the street lifestyle in Yunnan
In the afternoon or in the evening, people will sitting by the street, chatting and do nothing. In Chinese this is called Naliang, meaning people sitting outside by the street normally under tree shadow,  and enjoying a small area of coolness and the gentle breeze in summer.

Design for casual seating gesture
The form of the chair is carefully engineered after learning about how people will normally sit outside. The overall proportional is designed intentionally lower to the ground for a casual setting. The large seating area gives more freedom in seating gesture.  The height of the back is measured to support people’s lower back.

Opening for outdoor
The opening area in the back of the chair allows water to leak out on a rainy day.

Label design underneath Sa Sros Chair
Underneath the chair, there is a hidden detail label design. It shows name of the chair, material introduction, design inspiration, name of the designer and production place.

CMF and manufacturing methods
Sa Sros Chair comes with five different main color, all have the the unfinished looking from the recycled plastic. Because of that, it makes each chair a unique piece. Using injection molding It is designed to stream the process in a way that it takes miniscule amounts of time to manufacture the chair. Materials are recycled from industrial waste, and can be recycled in the future. By using recycled plastic, it makes the chair much lighter to carry. 

Behind the scene
In the early exploration, I tested on two size of chair. One has a larger seating capacity, which gives more freedom in seating gesture. Smaller chair with low seating surface makes the sitting more casual.

Sketch, prototypes, 3d models and design iterations

Special thanks
Instructors Cory Grosser&David Mocarski